• AirVape OM Vaporizer AirVape OM Vaporizer


    AirVape OM Vaporizer

    Introducing the stealthy AirVape OM Vaporizer which offers the ability to create delicious vapor from waxy oil concentrates in a compact form which can easily fit onto your key chain. The AirVape OM is one of the top tier high performance and stealthy...
  • Atmos Electro Dabber Kit Atmos Electro Dabber Kit


    Atmos Electro Dabber Kit

    The Atmos Electro Dabber is an efficient multifunctional VapePen for use with waxy oil concentrates. The Electro Dabber utilizes an advanced atomizer uniquely designed to vaporize waxy oil concentrates without the need to pack or load the device before...
  • Atmos Kiln RA Vaporizer Atmos Kiln RA Vaporizer


    Atmos Kiln RA Vaporizer

    Introducing the new Atmos Kiln RA Vaporizer which has enhanced upon the Kiln by introducing revolutionary rebuildable atomizers to this concentrate vaporizing icon. The Kiln RA Kit includes everything you might need to vaporize wax concentrates with like...
  • Atmos Kiln Vaporizer Atmos Kiln Vaporizer


    Atmos Kiln Vaporizer

    The New Atmos Kiln Vaporizer Kit is a efficiently powerful concentrate vaporizer which uses the revolutionary Kiln attachment made of pure ceramic. Using the power of a compact 950mAh lithium-ion battery, the Kiln Vaporizer creates pure and extremely...
  • Atmos Micro Pal Kit Atmos Micro Pal Kit


    Atmos Micro Pal Kit

    The Atmos Micro Pal Kit is a compact and easy way to vape pre-filled cartridges filled with wax concentrates and thick distillate oil. The battery in the Atmos Micro Pal has a magnetic connection which easily pairs with any 510-thread cartridge for fast...
  • Atmos Studio Rig Attachment System Atmos Studio Rig Attachment System


    Atmos Studio Rig Attachment System

    Introducing the new Atmos Studio Rig Attachment made to for all box mods style batteries. The Studio Rig offers the unique capability of allowing you to swap out from a variety of heating chamber which include a high-grade true titanium nail chamber made...
  • Boundless CF Vaporizer Boundless CF Vaporizer

    Boundless CF Vaporizer

    Introducing the Boundless CF Vaporizer designed to deliver high grade vapor production with a reasonable price. The heating chamber is quite large and crafted from high quality ceramic to ensure the consistency of performance with smalls and larger size...
  • Boundless CF-710 Vaporizer Boundless CF-710 Vaporizer


    Boundless CF-710 Vaporizer

    The New Boundless CF-710 Vaporizer performs offers advanced technology which produces rig like hits in a portable concentrate pen.  The CF-710 produces smooth vapor, rich with flavor from your favorite waxy oil concentrates in a new way. Boundless...
  • Boundless CFX Vaporizer

    Boundless CFX Vaporizer

    The new Boundless CFX Vaporizer is an all-in-one vaporizer of the highest quality which utilizes the latest in vapor technology. The CFX is a triple function vaporizer which has been designed to vaporize oils, waxes, and concentrates, in addition to dry...
  • Crafty Vaporizer Crafty Vaporizer

    Storz and Bickel

    Crafty Vaporizer

    The all new Crafty Vaporizer created by Storz & Bickel is setting the new standard for portable vaporizers. Weighing only 0.3 lbs and being only 4.3 inches tall makes this one of the most discreet vaporizers available. This product this manufactured...
  • DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer

    DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer

    Introducing the new Davinci Ascent Vaporizer, the latest in portable vaporizer ingenuity. This amazing vaporizer offers a digital temperature control system which allows the user the ability to precisely adjust the vaporizing temperature. The unit has a...
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