• KandyPens K-Vape Pro Vaporizer KandyPens K-Vape Pro Vaporizer


    KandyPens K-Vape Pro Vaporizer

    The KandyPens K-Vape Pro Vaporizer provides maximum flavor with a premium dry herb vape experience.  The K-Vape Pro builds on the performance and technology of the first edition K-Vape. KandyPens K-Vape Pro utilizes more temperature features than...
  • Randy's Chill Vaporizer Randy's Chill Vaporizer


    Randy's Chill Vaporizer

    Randy’s Chill Vaporizer in the device which has a freezable tube, image it as an ice catch for your vape without zero mess. Randy’s chill is an elite 2-in-1 device. The Chill produces rich full flavor and without harsh coughing. ...
  • GHOST MV1 Vaporizer GHOST MV1 Vaporizer


    GHOST MV1 Vaporizer

    The GHOST MV1 Vaporizer is made for medicating with dry herbs or waxy oil concentrates.  This portable and discreet device has advanced the vapor industry with the implementation of high grade materials combined with unmatched technology. The MV1...
  • G Pen Nova LXE Vaporizer G Pen Nova LXE Vaporizer

    Grenco Science

    G Pen Nova LXE Vaporizer

    The new G Pen Nova LXE Vaporizer is made specifically for vaporizing waxy oil concentrates advancing on original Nova technology. Grenco Science made the latest VapePen using a fully ceramic atomizer, variable voltage battery, and reverse airflow...
  • Boundless CFC Lite Boundless CFC Lite


    Boundless CFC Lite

    The Boundless CFC LITE is a new portable herbal vaporizer featuring powerful refinement offered in the larger vapes like the CF and CFX.  Now the same features are packed into a more compact shell. The Boundless CFC Lite is powered with a removable...


    HoneyStick BeeMaster Twin Vaporizer

    Introducing the HoneyStick BeeMaster Twin Vaporizer for use with pre-filled concentrate cartridges.  The BeeMaster Twin is the first ever double cartridge auto-draw vapor battery on the market.  This amazing discreet distillate...
  • HoneyStick BeeBox Auto-Draw Vaporizer HoneyStick BeeBox Auto-Draw Vaporizer


    HoneyStick BeeBox Auto-Draw Vaporizer

    MSRP: $38.00
    20% Off the HoneyStick BeeBox Vaporizer, the perfect portable power source for vaping your medical mmi cartridges from your local dispensary.  HoneyStick made the new BeeBox Auto-Draw to produce potent vapor in an instant. With no buttons,...
  • Dr. Dabber Aaron Kai x Aurora Kit Dr. Dabber Aaron Kai x Aurora Kit

    Dr. Dabber

    Dr. Dabber Aaron Kai x Aurora Kit

    Introducing the Dr. Dabber Aaron Kai x Aurora Kit.  This heavenly collaboration features the flowing waves and vibrant colors from Aaron Kai’s distinctive design style.  The Aaron Kai Aurora VapePen is the latest and greatest from the...
  • Stix Yocan Stix VapePen


    Yocan Stix VapePen

    The all new Yocan Stix VapePen is a cutting edge vaporizer for use with thick oil which includes an incredible leak-proof storage feature for your waxy oils.  While the Yocan Stix VapePen is not being used, you can easily attach the Oil Chamber Base...
  • KandyPens Amber Rose VapePen KandyPens Amber Rose VapePen


    KandyPens Amber Rose VapePen

    Introducing the KandyPens Amber Rose VapePen for use with waxy oil concentrates and pre-filled oil cartridges. The Amber Rose produces rick and flavorful vapor instantly. The kit includes a set of premium atomizers, a variable voltage battery, and a high...
  • Wellon LUX Pod Vape Pen Wellon LUX Pod Vape Pen

    Wellon LUX Pod VapePen

    The new Wellon Lux POD VapePen created by Yocan is a premium device for vaping e-juice and discreetly using refillable disposable liquid pods. The Wellon Lux is a revolutionary pen kit in a compact starter kit with 450mAh built-in battery and 1.2ml...
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