banana bros. OTTO Grinder

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  • banana bros. OTTO Grinder
  • banana bros. OTTO Grinder
  • banana bros. OTTO Grinder
  • banana bros. OTTO Grinder
  • banana bros. OTTO Grinder
  • banana bros. OTTO Grinder
  • banana bros. OTTO Grinder
  • banana bros. OTTO Grinder
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The banana bros. OTTO Grinder is an electric grinder and a rolling machine all in one. This all in one superior piece of machinery finely grinds herbs and perfectly rolls the most pristine cone in just seconds. The OTTO utilizes patented technology that senses the consistency of the ground herbs to automatically adjust the movement delivering a premium ground blend.  This is without a doubt one of the most intuitive and convenient devices to have been invented in generations for a combustion enthusiast. The OTTO Grinder is an durable, odor proof device, with simple controls and magnetic connections.  The device sources its power from a rechargeable battery which uses a USB to conveniently restore power.  The OTTO Grinder is the all in one roller grinder which will grinder through any consistency blend to roll to perfect cone for your smoking pleasure. The OTTO Grinder kit includes everything you need to get started fresh out of the box.  You will receive the complete OTTO Grinder Roller with USB recharger and Premium Pre-Rolled Cones for crafting the perfect spliffs automatically.  Pre-rolled Cones are available sold seperately should you run out of supply. With the advancement in technology, banana bros has created the last grinder you will ever need.  It slices, it dices, it packs, and it rolls.  Meet your new best buddy and the go to gift for all your toker friends and relatives.  

Product Features:

  • All-In-One-Tool
  • Grinds Herb and Rolls Cones Rapidly
  • Sleek, Functional Design
  • Fresh Seal Cone Tube
  • Odor-Proof
  • Premium Cones
  • Magnetic Connections
  • Simple Controls
  • Rapid USB Charging
  • Rolls 20-30 Cones Per Charge
  • Patented SMART Grinding
  • Automatically Adjusts Grinding Based on Material
  • Spill-Proof O-Funnel
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