Genius Pipe - Color

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  • Genius Pipe - Color
  • Genius Pipe - Color
  • Genius Pipe - Color
  • Genius Pipe - Color


This adaptation of the Genius Pipe Color for dry herb comes in three beautiful shading blends: Black/Blue (Cobalt Blue), Black/Gold (Egyptian Treasure), Green/Silver (Liberation). The Genius Pipe is an imaginative dry herb pipe that channels and cools hits with a licensed waterless filtration framework. Smaller and careful, the Genius Pipe is comprised of two attractively appended plates with a large number of vortices on the inside of each plate. Whenever associated, the vortices join to make an all-encompassing vapor way through which smoke is decontaminated and chilled. The basic two-plate, attractive structure of Genius Pipe additionally empowers brisk and simple cleaning. Since Genius Pipe channels smoke without water, the basic smells and kinds of your most loved dry herb strains and waxy oils are saved in each draw. Anticipate delectable hits, simple upkeep, and ease of use that is out and out virtuoso.


Genius Pipe includes a really unique waterless filtration framework that fills in as a superior option in contrast to the normal glass piece. Expelling particulates by filtering smoke through a huge number of dimples inside the Genius Pipe, this unit conveys smoother, increasingly delightful, and cleaner hits. The further smoke voyages, the cooler it moves toward becoming. The inside of the Genius Pipe highlights several little gaps for smoke to go through, stretching out the vapor way to give smoke more opportunity to cool. Then, aggravations are gotten by the vortices, creating a cleaner hit when it achieves your sense of taste. Simply slide the cover on the faceplate of the Genius Pipe to uncover the bowl, stack up, and slide the cover back. You're good to go! Expect smoother draws with less tidy up and more flavor than a customary water pipe.


Dissimilar to most dry herb channels, Genius Pipe is unfathomably simple to clean and keep up. Simply pop the attractively appended face plate off and wipe down the inside of the two plates utilizing isopropyl liquor. Slap the Genius Pipe back together and you're prepared to smoke. Virtuoso Pipe includes a medicinal review anodized aluminum outside that is anything but difficult to wipe clean. Appreciate the perfect tasting hits of a water pipe with none of the chaotic cleanup.

Product Features:

  • Waterless Filter
  • Sliding Cover
  • Magnetic Connections
  • Easy-to-Clean
  • Compact Design

Accessories Include:

  • 1- Genius Pipe Color


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