GRAV Helix Flare Base Water Pipe - 8.75"

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  • GRAV Helix Flare Base Water Pipe - 8.75"
  • GRAV Helix Flare Base Water Pipe - 8.75"
  • GRAV Helix Flare Base Water Pipe - 8.75"
  • GRAV Helix Flare Base Water Pipe - 8.75"
  • GRAV Helix Flare Base Water Pipe - 8.75"
  • GRAV Helix Flare Base Water Pipe - 8.75"
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The revolutionary GRAV Helix Flare Base is an 8.75" high grade borosilicate glass water pipe made to cool your combustion session. Crafted with a flared base, the Helix injects air creating cooler hits for soothing smoking session. The Helix Flare has a 4" base which keeps the device in the precise position all the time. The water-pipe has a unique down stem cooling percolator creating cool moisture producing with every hit. Each bowl produces the perfect dose of smoke for a superior session. The Venturi designed mouthpiece chamber utilizes cyclonic action to increase the cooling effects. The Helix Flare Base is premium way to combust using water filtration and stunning and durable borosilicate glass. HIGH GRADE BOROSILICATE GRAV Labs uses a high-grade borosilicate which is highly thermal resistant.  While smoke flows through the pathway, the glass remains cool keeping retaining the essential flavors your favorite herbal blend while remaining cool without. Borosilicate is crack-resistant and very easy maintain and keep clean, offering years of pristine pleasure. The GRAV Helix Flare Base includes a borosilicate bowl and is compatible with all 14mm sized bowls. VENTURI CHAMBER MOUTHPIECE The GRAV Helix Flare Base cools and adds refreshing moisture to each hit better than the usual water pipe. After smoke is cooled and diffused in the water chamber it travels into the mouthpiece that utilized cyclonic action to additionally cool the smoke. The result of the traveling through the Venturi Chamber Mouthpiece is silky smooth milky rips consistently. The Helix Flare Base is the latest gem from Grav Labs delivering smoother hits with a brilliant interpretation on the classic water-pipe. Features:

  • Flared Base
  • 8.75" Height
  • Air Injection and Spinning Action
  • Compatible with 14mm Bowls
  • High Grade Borosilicate
  • NOTE: Label Colors Vary
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