HoneyStick BeeBox PRO Vaporizer

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  • HoneyStick BeeBox PRO Vaporizer
  • HoneyStick BeeBox PRO Vaporizer
  • HoneyStick BeeBox PRO Vaporizer
  • HoneyStick BeeBox PRO Vaporizer
  • HoneyStick BeeBox PRO Vaporizer
  • HoneyStick BeeBox PRO Vaporizer


The HoneyStick BeeBox Pro Vaporizer eliminates the need to carry 2 different vaporizer.  The new HoneyStick Beebox Pro is a digital mod battery which offers the ability to vape nicotine pods and 510 threaded pre-filled cartridges using the same superior power source. It eliminates the need to carry two vaporizers and steps up your game using superior technology resulting in a higher quality premium vape experience. 


The HoneyStick BeeBox Pro is a variable voltage vaporizer which allows you to dial in the exact intensity you want, allowing you total control of your vapor session ensuring the optimum taste and vapor production. Many people purchase push-button batteries to power their 510 threaded pre-filled medicinal cartridges and many people prefer the Auto Draw (inhale activation) style for their nicotine pods. The HoneyStick BeeBox PRO Vaporizer is auto-draw activated for the pod function and push-button activated for the cart function which keeps it true to form. 


The HoneyStick BeeBox PRO includes 600MAH of battery power which is more than twice the capacity of the most popular POD units producing more puffs with less power fade. In addition, it has an LCD screen indicating the remaining battery power leaving nothing to chance. Finally, a convenient micro USB charging port making it much easier and more universal to get onto a charger. 


After identifying a common trend in the vaping community, it was evident that many people would actually carry two vapor pen devices at the same time to satisfy their vaping needs, and they continually complain that the batteries are having problem or dying. The HoneyStick Beebox Pro powers pods even better than the authorized manufacturers and can extract the best from your 510 thread medicinal carts. The BeeBox Pro has a 600 mAh high capacity battery producing double the puffs in between charges and the digital LCD screen displays the remaining battery life and dial in the ideal intensity level. The ability to operate the Pod portal with inhalation auto-draw and separately use the 510 Cart which folds into the body and operates on push-button activation makes this a true dual function vaporizer battery.


HoneyStick BeeBox PRO Vaporizer Highlights: 

  • - Digital LCD Screen Display
  • - Digitally Power Adjustable from 2.0-4.2 Volts
  • - Watt Mode 4.0W-12Watts 
  • - Preheat Function 
  • - Locking Safety Feature 
  • - High Capacity 600mAh Battery 
  • - Micro USB Charge 
  • - Auto Draw (inhale activation) Pod Port 
  • - Push Button Activation, Switchblade- Action 510 Cartridge port 
  • - High Grade - Lightweight Aluminum Body 
  • - Concealable & compact mini vape MOD which fits into small pockets
  • NOTE: 510 Cartridge & POD cartridge are NOT included

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