JUUL Pod Cube (8pk w/2ea) - 5%

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Juul Pods are made with the proprietary blend of JUUL Premium E-liquid.  The self proclaimed smoking alternative unlike any e-cig of vape product has taken the vapor industry by storm.  To purchase this product, you must pass Agechecker.net at checkout and sign for your product upon delivery.  The security of your order is our top priority.  Abiding to all industry regulations will ensure your product is delivered without issue.

JUULPods contains a proprietary formulation which combines propylene glycol, natural oils, glycerol, flavors and extracts, benzoic acid with nicotine. Combined with technology which regulates the vapor temperature, the proprietary chemistry allows the JUUL to produce a vapor session unlike any device available

Product Features:

  • Every JUULpod pack is filled with 0.7mL of liquid.
  • JUUL Refills are available in 8 pack pairs of 2 (16)
  • JUUL Refills are available in 8 packs sets of 4 (32).
  • Pod Packs are available in 3% and 5% Nicotine Strength for a custom vapor session.


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