Marley Natural - Spoon Pipe

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  • Marley Natural - Spoon Pipe
  • Marley Natural - Spoon Pipe
  • Marley Natural - Spoon Pipe
  • Marley Natural - Spoon Pipe
  • Marley Natural - Spoon Pipe
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Crafted from refined black walnut wood and hand-blown glass, the custom Spoon Pipe in the Marley Natural smoking line is created to reach a fluid balance of durability and high grade craftsmanship. The sanded stem and heat resistant glass bowl provide for consistent draws which create for a smooth and relaxing session. The Spoon Pipe was created with detachable parts and small form which make it great for traveling, allowing you the benefits of herb wherever Marley's Journey takes you.

Glass Care Place all glass parts into a plastic bag with 8 oz. of 91% isopropyl alcohol and 2 oz. of salt. Shake for 2 minutes. Gently pass a nylon brush and any dirt will loosen freeing the remaining residue. Finally, rinse out with some warm water. Wood Care NEVER submerge wood parts in liquid. A nylon brush can be used through the wood to remove any residue. A very small amount of isopropyl alcohol can also be used with a brush (applied directly to the brush) and it will not cause damage to the finish. Over the years, the wood finish will lose the natural luster. You can apply a small amount of wood conditioner to restore the appearance of the wood which may also help protect the finish from from variations via environmental moisture. A warm wood conditioner can be applied which will penetrates the wood grain. Always apply generously in the direction of the woods grain. Finally, let the wood sit for 20 minutes, wipe off excess, and buff soft cloth.

Product Features:

  • Black Walnut Wood Sustain-ably Sourced from North America.
  • Dimensions: 4.5” L x 2” H / 11.4 cm L x 5 cm H


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