Remix Vaporizer

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  • Remix Vaporizer
  • Remix Vaporizer
  • Remix Vaporizer
  • Remix Vaporizer
  • Remix Vaporizer
  • Remix Vaporizer


Welcome to the new R SERIES ReMIX Vaporizer for Waxy Oil Concentrates by #ThisThingRips. This is the evolutionary featured product from their growing line of VapePens. Forged from the mold as #thisthingrips OGFOUR and ROIL and OG pens, with new and exciting upgrades, the ReMIX lives up to its own name by revamping performance and some subtle style. The ReMIX features a new advanced heating chamber with an advanced airflow system, and uber-discreet pen design with concealment cap, this is the perfect vaporizer for waxy oil concentrates.   The R SERIES ReMIX is a cost effect and technologically advanced vaporizer that offers performance, style, and discretion in one compact pen. The R SERIES ReMIX provides some of the industries best features borrowed from it’s siblings vapor line to offer the familiar coil-less atomizer from in the R Series Roil.  The ReMIX jacks up the vapor production with the introduction of a dual wall thermal cup. This improved technology offers the ability to double conductivity and deliver even vaporization while simultaneously maintaining a perfect temperature. The ReMIX by #thisthingrips includes 2 thermal atomizer cups, which can easily be cleaned or changed. The R SERIES ReMIX has made the brand proud with cutting edge technology in a pen which produces milky rich hits.  The ReMIX integrates a direct quad airflow system which is dialed in for relaxed draws allowing for the production of enormous vapor. The ReMIX utilizes an impressively paired double wall thermal atomizer cup made from ceramic.  The airflow system sends large and flavorful vapor flowing through the clear pathway. The ReMIX uses a wider designed mouthpiece for even bigger draws. This upgraded R Series is a portable eRig style VapePen which you can use for your portable vaping out and about of your favorite waxy oil concentrates in ultimate discretion.  To complete the look, the design is configured with a pen cap disguising this power packed pen allowing you to hold it in plain site. The cap simply pops off to reveal the red see through chamber, providing a view of the vapor’s forming while your concentrates melt into beautiful white vapor. A single button interface provides an easy to operate control system with just a few quick clicks of a button.  The ReMIX activates a powerful 6500 micro amp battery allowing the ability to vape on demand. This kit includes an upgraded coil-less ceramic atomizer, stealth design, advanced airflow system, discreet pen cap, this truly marks the arrival of the next generation of portable stealth pens.

Product Features:

  • Calibrated Low-Temp
  • 510 Threaded
  • Deep Dish
  • Double Wall Thermal Cup
  • Direct Quad Airflow
  • Red XL Polycarbonate Visual Chamber
  • Compatible With Waxy Oil Concentrates
  • 650mAh Variable Voltage Battery


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