Cartridge Vaporizer

Cartridge Vaporizer

  • Atmos Micro Pal Kit Atmos Micro Pal Kit


    Atmos Micro Pal Kit

    The Atmos Micro Pal Kit is a compact and easy way to vape pre-filled cartridges filled with wax concentrates and thick distillate oil. The battery in the Atmos Micro Pal has a magnetic connection which easily pairs with any 510-thread cartridge for fast...


    HoneyStick BeeMaster Twin Vaporizer

    Introducing the HoneyStick BeeMaster Twin Vaporizer for use with pre-filled concentrate cartridges.  The BeeMaster Twin is the first ever double cartridge auto-draw vapor battery on the market.  This amazing discreet distillate...
  • KandyPens C-Box Pro VV Vaporizer KandyPens C-Box Pro VV Vaporizer


    KandyPens C-Box Pro VV Vaporizer

    The KandyPens C-Box Pro Variable Voltage Vaporizer is the ultimate portable battery for use with pre-filled cartridges, wax concentrates, and e-liquids.  The slim design is only 3' tall and provides 4 preset temperature settings.  The KandyPens...
  • KandyPens C-Box VV Vaporizer KandyPens C-Box VV Vaporizer


    KandyPens C-Box VV Vaporizer

    Introducing the KandyPens C-Box Variable Voltage Vaporizer for use with waxy oil concentrates or e-liquids.  This slim style mod offers 4 temperature settings and is powered by a 390 mAh battery. The KandyPens C-Box is only 3’ inches tall...
  • Pulsar APX Oil Vaporizer Pulsar APX Oil Vaporizer


    Pulsar APX Oil Vaporizer

    20% Off Pulsar APX Oil Vaporizer is a premium portable device made for vaping pre-filled waxy oil concentrate cartridges. The 1100mAh battery offers versatile functionality such as preheat and variable voltage allowing you to...
  • Wulf Duo Vaporizer Wulf Duo Vaporizer


    Wulf Duo Vaporizer

    The Wulf Duo Vaporizer is unique compact device which discreetly provides perfect flavor from your wax and  essential oil concentrates. The Wolf Duo 2 is a versatile vaporizer which offers four variable voltage temperature settings.  This...
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